Ron Betzer

Ron has resided in Lafayette since 2004 after having lived in his native California for 30 years. He had attended college in Lafayette and through a sister-in-law got to know Mr. Charles Arny. It was not until seeing an article in Southern Accents magazine in 1988 highlighting the Louisiana irises in Arny’s neighbor Dick Goula’s yard,that the irises made a real impression. He ordered about 8 irises from Bois D’Arc Gardens and during the following bloom season decided he wanted to come up with some irises of his own. The first seedling that he felt worthy, Honey Galore (HM 2004), was introduced by Dorman Haymon, his mothers-in-law’s hairdresser, in 2000. Ron feels lucky to have been around Mr. Arny and Dorman and while living in California, Joe Ghio. They all helped increase his interest in Louisiana irises.

Ron generally does not have a specific goal in mind when making crosses other than trying for a plant with decent vigor, unique flowers and stalks having 4 or more positions with nice bud placement and at least some double budding. Ron has had 9 irises introduced and a new one coming named after his grandmother, Rose E. Chadband. He already has one named for his mother, Jean Betzer. He hopes to accomplish a trifecta – he has his wife’s name, Eugenie, reserved but has yet to come up with something he and she agree is “the ONE”.

Ron’s Dark Dude won both a MSD and the Charles Arny SLI Popularity Poll in 2019. Another introduction, Rooster, won an AM the same year.

We wish Ron much success in Hybridizing new and better Louisianas in the years ahead.